Vacuum Booster

Airvac Mechanical Vacuum Booster Pumps: Ignite performance with turbocharged pumping speed, vapor removal 10x faster. Unleash an ultimate vacuum 10x lower than standalone pumps. Industry's powerhouse for enhanced efficiency and unrivaled productivity.

Airvac Make Mechanical Vacuum Booster Pumps, enhance the performance, ultimate vacuum and pumping speed of oil-sealed/water-ring/dry vacuum type of mechanical pumps, which are widely used in the industry. Airvac Roots style vacuum booster combined with a suitable backing pump will improve the pump down in two ways: Firstly The high pumping speed of the vacuum booster pumps away the dry gases and desorbing water vapor very quickly, up to ten times faster, Secondly, the lowest pressure (ultimate vacuum) of the pump combination will be one decade better (ten times lower) than the backing pump can produce on its own.

Suction capacity: 260 M3/hr. to 5250 M3/hr.
Maximum vacuum: 0.001 Torr.

  • Entirely mechanical, lightweight and compact design.
  • Pump-down times cut by up to 50%
  • High operating speeds because of dynamically balanced rotors and helical ground gears for long life and quiet operation
  • Can be mounted separately from the backing pump or directly on the inlet of the backing pump
  • Unique impeller design for high volumetric efficiency
  • Compatible with all vacuum systems
  • Efficient in design
  • Suitable for various Gases such as Air, Town Gas, Natural Gas, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide, inert gases.
  • Effective Sealing Ensured By Means of Temperature-insensitive labyrinth system.
  • High Precision chemical timing gears for reliability and long life.
  • Overhung V-Belt drive for all operating pressure ranges. Direct coupling also possible
  • Dynamically balanced rotating components to ensure vibration free operation.
  • Machine shaft height matched with standard IEC Motor Frame size.
  • Solid, noise-absorbing construction in grey cast iron.
  • High vacuum of the order of 0.001 Torr or better
  • High pumping speeds at low pressures,a capacity is boosted by 8 to 10 times or more
  • Relatively low power consumption for such performance boosting
  • Considerable reduction in pump down time of vacuum machine
  • Prevents Oil back streaming from Rotary pumps
  • Dry Pumping suitable for Gas/Vapour Loads
Empowering Industries:


Airvac Mechanical Vacuum Booster Pumps find applications in various industries such as:

Evaporative Concentration

Efficient concentration through controlled evaporation

Vacuum Distillation

Precise separation with vacuum assistance.

Vacuum Impregnation

Complete impregnation achieved with vacuum.


Accelerated polymer formation using vacuum.


Enhanced crystal growth through vacuum.


Effective sterilization facilitated by vacuum.

Vacuum Drying

Thorough drying using vacuum technology.

Vacuum Cooling

Efficient cooling with vacuum support.

Vacuum Casting

High-quality casting achieved with vacuum.