Gas Blower Manufacturer

Airvac's state of the art gas blowers skillfully enhance and transport gases for different cycles, consolidating particular materials, oil, and seals to succeed in helping applications. Altered plans guarantee security and proficiency for dealing with inflammable and poisonous gases. Airvac is a standard scope of solid metal air blower producer. It is exceptionally intended for conveying biogas and different gases. Before choosing the blower one needs to consider the characteristics, nature of gas, chemical composition, temperature etc. We are exceptionally prestigious as the topmost manufacturer and exporter of an excellent range of Gas Blower and Gas Compressor.

Airvac's state-of-the-art gas blowers are specifically designed to enhance and transport gases for a wide range of processes. With their exceptional material construction, advanced lubrication systems, and precise sealing arrangements, they are the ultimate choice for boosting applications. The construction materials are tailored to meet the unique requirements of different gases, ensuring safety and efficiency. From handling inflammable and toxic gases to maintaining leak tightness, Airvac's flexible designs are customized to cater to specific gas characteristics and customer demands, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and reliability.

  • Airvac designed gas blower has MOC of chrome Nickle plated, Complete Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel depending upon the nature of the gases.
  • Special Oil Seal arrangement is used.
  • 100% oil free air delivery.
  • Improved volumetric efficiency and reduced operating temperatures.
  • 100% gas leak proof.
  • Heavy-duty bearing holders on thrust end for more axial load capability.
  • Large Oil Sumps for improved bearing lubrication.
Empowering Industries:


Gas blowers from Airvac find applications in various industries, including:

Conveying of Bio gases

Boosting of Nitrogen & CO2 gases.

Conveying of HCL fumes, or other gases