Acoustic Enclosure

Airvac's advanced facilities offer a diverse range of acoustic enclosures, effectively containing excessive noise and improving worker environments. While silencers address airborne noise, mechanical noise from blowers and motors necessitate Acoustic Hoods for achieving low noise levels and meeting statutory requirements.

Airvac with its modern facilities provides a wide range of acoustic enclosures. Acoustic enclosures are one of the most effective means for containment of excessive noise and provides a better working environment for the workers. Even though the silencers are used with blower, they can only capable of treating the air borne noise.The treatment of mechanical noise from the blower, motor etc. is beyond the scope of silencers. Thus, in order to achieve low noise levels, that are often statutory requirements, Noise enclosures/Acoustic Hoods are required. Acoustic Hood enclosures are made from high quality raw material with combination of rock wool / foams of different combinations to suit customer requirements.

  • NOISE CONTROL: Noise level reduction up to level 10-25 dB.
  • MOBILITY: The enclosures can be easily shifted or transported.
  • EASE OF MAINTENANCE: Adequate space is available inside the canopy for easy maintenance.
  • ELIMINATION OF CIVIL WORK: Enclosures are suitable for open installation and hence require no separate building or shed.
  • DESIGN: These enclosures are designed with CAD/CAM techniques for minimum insertion loss or for meeting ambient noise standards.
  • CONSTRUCTION:The robust bodywork of sound reduction enclosures is due to its construction from preformed heavy gauge sheet steel section and its reinforcement with fabricated superstructure. Rubber gaskets are provided to all doors and external joints to resist weathering. Hinged doors provide easy access for routine maintenance, while the box-together flat panels ensure easy installation in awkward locations and simple access for major overhauls. AIR
  • CIRCULATION:Sufficient cooling air inlet acoustic louvers are provided in the enclosure for efficient air circulation avoiding de-rating of the machine.
  • INSTALLATION: The sound reduction enclosures are preassembled on a support frame and can be easily and quickly assembled at site.