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The story of AIRVAC Industries began, known as Airvac Industries & Projects, shaping the "AIRVAC" brand. Today, its wings span across Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and even reach the enchanting lands of Doha, Qatar

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Evolution of AIRVAC

From micro setup to industry leader, AIRVAC pioneers innovation in Compressors & Vacuum pumps.

Delivering Excellence

Delivering Excellence

AIRVAC Industries' Commitment to Exceed Client Expectations and Satisfaction.

Expanding Horizons

Expanding Horizons

AIRVAC Industries' Ambitious Expansion and Unmatched Excellence in International Markets.

Years Existence




International Markets


Client Satisfaction

Ready to unlock maximum efficiency? Get in touch with AIRVAC Industries.

Quality Assurance

As a TUV certified company, Airvac prioritizes high quality products.

With unwavering commitment to excellence, Airvac ensures top-notch quality by employing strict control measures, superior materials, and cutting-edge technology, satisfying clients with premium twin lobe blowers and compressors.

The Ultimate Choice

Top Blower Manufacturer

We deliver the best roots blowers in India, ensuring exceptional performance, value, and impeccable service. Experience satisfaction with our commitment to quality, convenience, and durability.

Our roots blowers set us apart as India's finest. Impeccable service, superior quality, and outstanding performance are our hallmarks. Trust us for value, convenience, and durability. Discover why we're the supplier that guarantees satisfaction, every time.


After Sales Service

Airvac's exceptional after-sales service includes installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and prompt assistance, fostering strong client relationships.

Airvac's after-sales service is a testament to their unwavering commitment. Equipped with a dedicated team of skilled technicians, they go above and beyond to ensure flawless installation, seamless operation, and regular maintenance. Swift assistance during breakdowns, on-site diagnostics, troubleshooting, and a focus on long-term client relationships sets Airvac apart as an industry leader.

Installation Optimizatios


Let our team commission your new equipment flawlessly.

Equipment Excellence


Maximize equipment lifespan with expert guidance.