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Users can define Water ring vacuum pumps as high pressure and vacuum creating devices, used in different industrial sectors. Due to the rotational movement of the rotor segment, a water ring is usually formed inside the vacuum chamber, focusing more towards eccentric shaft. These pumps are economical as well as easy in operation and have a long operational life. These pumps are available in the following versions:
Salient Features
Working Principle
AVM Series
AVM series are also called Swiss design water ring vacuum pumps. The performance details are furnished in the performance chart.
AV Series
AV Series: AV series are also called Nash design water ring vacuum pumps. Please contact us for more details.
Click here to download Performance Data Sheet.
 Vacuum Pumps Applications
Power Industry: They are used in power generating equipment in condenser venting where a pump with two impellers fixed inside a single pump body is used. This ensures maximum condensing before gas enters the vacuum pump. More load can be handled by the pump this way.
Sugar & Distillery Industries: They are used in pneumatic conveying of fly ash, in priming, de-aeration and condenser initial evacuation also.
Plastic Industries: Plastic Industries: They help in making PET containers and in degassing, drying and conveying processes.
Environmental Industry: This industry includes water treatment and recycling of water where vacuum pumps help in priming, dig-ester gas compression and waste water disposal.
Petroleum Refining Industry: The pumps help in processes involving cumene, phenol, ethylene glycol/ethylene oxide, ethyl benzene/styrene monomer, amines and alcohols. They are used in crude oil stabilization, crude oil vacuum distillation, filtering and de-waxing.
Paper & Pulp Industries: In paper making machinery vacuum pumps help dewater the pulp slurry and to extract water from press felts. Process vacuum needed in making of molded paper pulp products like packaging material for electronic items uses them.
Printing Industry: They enable powdering on printing presses, screen printers and used in the central system.
Chemical Industry : They can work well where there are low changes in temperature and flammable mixtures are used besides in distillation and degassing. Solvent recovery, vacuum filtration, vent gas compression are some uses.
Pharmaceutical Industry: The pumps help in drying, laboratory, vapor recovery, house vacuum and other uses. They help dry products and in recovering organic vapors. They provide house vacuum on production lines.
Packaging Industry: While packing food items whether raw or cooked vacuum packaging is used to preserve the food for longer duration. Tea leaves, Ready-to-Cook meals etc. come in vacuum packs which retain the freshness of the item as it was while packing.
Ceramic Industry : In the ceramic industry it is imperative to remove air bubbles which may form in the clay as it will make the ceramic product brittle. Vacuum pumps remove air from clay and used in vacuum processing.
 Salient Features
28” hg vacuum with seal water at 30 ºc & barometric pressure 30”hg.
Pump can also be used as compressor for 1.5 kg/cm 2 in single stage and 3.0 kg/cm 2 pressure in double stage.
Suitable for low and high vacuum applications.
Smooth, silent and vibration free operation.
Designed and manufactured as per requirement / application (air / gas).
All rotating parts are dynamically balanced for smooth running and lower loads on bearings.
Lower maintenance cost.
Clean and oil free discharge.
Leak proof sealing arrangement.
Rugged construction for heavy duty application.
Prompt after sales service all over the country.
 Standards Accessories (Without Motor)
Fabricated Base frame (M.S.)    
Pressure Gauge    
Vacuum Gauge    
V-Belt Guard    
Driven Pulley for Pump    
Drive Pulley for Motor    
Suction Strainer    
Automatic Drain Valve    
Exhaust Silencer    
Non-Return Valve    
* Note: In case of Direct Drive, flexible coupling along with guard shall be supplied in place of V-Belts, V-Belt Guard, and Drive & Driven Pulleys.
 Standard Material of Construction
Casing - Cast Iron, FG: 300, IS: 210
Casing & Bearing Covers - Cast Iron, FG: 300, IS: 210
Rotor with Shaft - SG Iron
Control Disc (Cone in case of AV Series) - Cast Iron
Bearings - SKF / ZKL Make (Imported)
Gland Packing - Asbestos Graphite
 Working Principle
The water ring vacuum pump features a cylinder which has a central hub that is slightly offset to one side. The central hub has an impeller which has slightly curved blades. The blades are fixed such that those at the top of impeller are closer to the outside wall and those at the bottom of the pump are fixed far from the wall.
Two port plates with holes or ports are fixed at the two ends of the impeller. In water ring vacuum pump water is used as the sealant. Before switching on the pump the impeller blades remain immersed in water as the pump is partially filled with water.
When the vacuum pump is switched on the impeller rotates and throws the water towards the outer walls of cylinder like a sling owing to the centrifugal force creating a ring of water. As the impeller is offset to one side, some blades remain immersed in water and some are exposed. This produces an empty space or void lying between the blades and the water creating “an impeller cell.”
With continued rotation of impeller the water recedes from the hub and acts like a piston to create an even larger cell. A suction force is produced and the pump draws in air, gas or vapour through the suction port on the side. When impeller cell passes the suction port and moves towards discharge port a compression force is produced. When the impeller cell passes the discharge port compression is maximum, which throws out or expels the air or gases. Since the water is turbulent some of it also gets discharged. This continuous action creates a vacuum.

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