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Air Blowers in India offer Quality and Durability!

If you have been looking for air cooled blower manufacturer in India, you have indeed come to the right place, as here you can find a great range of air blowers in India. When you come to us, you not only get an assurance of great product quality, but we also bring peace of mind to you through a promise of durability and great service always. So, if you are indeed looking for a air cooled blower manufacturer in India, you should go ahead and choose us, as we understand what your requirements are and will provide you what you need to bring success to your business.

Airvac Rotary Twin Lobe Roots Blowers, also known as compressor, can be defined as displacement blower types, which focuses mainly towards root operational principles. This product can deliver 100% oil free services along with high volume within low pressure values. The power consumption is quite less with a trouble free operational measurement. You can avail these blowers in following segments:

Salient Features
Working Principle
Air cooled Blowers
Air Cooled Blowers
Air cooled blowers require surrounding air to dissipate heat generated due to operation. Generally, these blowers are suitable for pressure up to 7000 mmWG (0.7 Kg/cm2).
Water Cooled Blowers
Water-cooled blowers are known for giving rise to water in order to lower the heat generated through the operational period. This product comes with water jacket, related with the interior plates for cooling down the bearings. Generally, these blowers are used when the pressure is more than 7000 mmWG (0.7 Kg/cm2).
Gas Blowers
Gas Blowers
Gas Blowers can be defined as special blower types, where the compression chamber is separated from the gear and bearing chambers. This helps in preventing bearing damages, related with corrosive gas. You can avail these blowers in water cooled segments, where the pressure is not more than 7000 mmWG (0.7 Kg/cm2).
Dry Vacuum Blowers
Dry Vacuum Blowers
Defined as twin lobe with rotary blowers, Vacuum blowers can easily deliver 100% oil free and dry vacuum with a pressure of 5000 mmWG (0.5 Kg/cm2).
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 Blowers Applications
Users can avail our products for Lime and Cement industries. The services associated are fluidization, Aeration, blending, pneumatic conveying and kiln.
For different biogas conveying and aeration purposes, these products are used by distillery and sugar industries.
You can use these products for baking and milling sectors for processes like conveying and blending.
• Resin along with plastic industries can take help of our products for conveying and processing. ON the other hand, power industries will use these items for aeration and fly ash performances.
The Power Industries make use of our durable and reliable range of efficient products for Fly Ash Conveying and aeration.
You can focus on the uses of our products in chemical and fertilizer industries, which helps in conveying and vacuum processing areas.
The noteworthy sewage and water treatment plants are going to take the first hand help of these products for significant applications, like filter backwashing and aeration.